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Thailand Road Trip

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and welcoming atmosphere to tourists in the big cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Furthermore, Thailand also offers an affordable vacation because the cost of living is so cheap. However, some people who want to explore Thailand will do so by plane, and then take small flights or public transportation to get to their next island or destination. But these people are missing out on a great opportunity, which is to have a road trip in Thailand as your Southeast Asia vacation. So before you eagerly book that plane ticket, you should instead hire a car and consider these things on a Thailand road trip.

What To Expect

Each part of Thailand is going to offer, what seems to be, a completely different atmosphere and plenty of opportunities. For example, the more rural areas will offer tropical experiences where you can get a taste of true Thai culture. However, the more that you touristy places, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, you’ll notice a somewhat more modernized atmosphere. And no road trip is completely without going out to a beautiful beach and taking a few days to just sit back and relax.

What To Take With

Ideally, you will obviously want to take a map with you for your travel. An even better option would be some sort of GPS, if you can spring for that while you are on your vacation. Having a car also means that you have more options of what you can take with you when you hire a car. If you use public transportation or decide to fly around the country, then you’ll need to pack lightly and fit everything into something that can be easily taken with you everywhere you go. However, having your own transportation allows for you to take things like sleeping bags, tents, food, and other personal items. For this reason alone, having your own car is a huge benefit when traveling in Thailand.

Why Consider A Road Trip

The best part about getting a car and doing a road trip throughout Thailand is the fact that you get to go at your own pace. That means that if you want to pack up and move on, you can. Or if you want to sit still and enjoy where you currently are, then that is a viable option as well. But either way, the decision is yours. Thailand is a country that has so many different levels of culture and authenticity, that the only true way to experience it is by going at your own pace. And there are few better ways to go at your own pace, than by hiring your own car for a road trip in Thailand.

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