Sukhothai Historical Park
Andaman Sea
Northern Thailand's hilltribe people
elephant riding in northern Thailand
Thailand Soft Adventure Holiday ( 9 days Ex Bangkok)
Bangkok-Uthaithani-Pitsanuloke-Sukhothai-Lampang - Chiang Mai ( river cruise-elephant riding-rafting-hiking)

Thailand Unveiled (6 days Ex Bangkok)
Bangkok-Ayuthaya-Pitsanuloke-Sukhothai-Chiang Rai-Golden Triangle-Mekong Cruise-Chiang Mai

Khmer Stone Castles - Isan Villages -and
Mekong River (5 days Ex Bangkok)

Bangkok - Korat - Phimai / Phnomrung / & Muang Tam Khmer Stone Castles - village homestay in Korat - elephant village in Surin - Ubon - Mekong River - Mukdahan - Nakon Phnom

Amazing South (7days Ex Bangkok)
Bangkok - Phuket exploratory trip by road and beach escape

Naturally Chiang Mai Adventures (3 days)
Hiking at Doi Inthanon National Park - Hmong & Karen Hilltribes -Thai village life - Soft whitewater rafing

Hilltribe Treks Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai (5 days)
Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai: bamboo rafting - elephant riding - visits/ interactions/ and overnights at Hmong/ Karen/ and Lahu Hilltribe villages - boat trip on the Mae Kok River

Chiang Rai :Karen & Lahu Tribal Lifestyles on Mae Kok River (3 days)
Chiang Rai: boat trip - hiking - homestays and interaction with Karen & Lahu hilltribe people

Hilltribe Treks in Mae Hong Son (5 days)
Chiang Mai - Pai - Mae Hong son: trekking - elephant riding -bamboo rafting - boat trip - biking

Soft Hiking in Mae Hong Son (3 days)
Chiang Mai - Mae Hong son - Pang Mapa : hiking -caving - Lisu/ Black Lahu/ Karen tribal village life

Khao Yai National Park Tropical Forest & Khmer Stone Sanctuaries (3days)
Bangkok -hiking Khao Yai tropical forest - visit the magnificent Khmer Stone Sanctuaries of Phi Mai, Phnom Rung, and Muang Tam

Young Norwegian visitor during Hmong hill tribe's new year celebration in northern Thailand
Phra Thong Beach Holiday, southern Thailand
Phra Thong Beach And The Lost Islands of Pang-nga (5 days Ex Phuket)
swimming - snorkelling - fishing

Andaman Beach - Khao Soke Rainforest & Pang-nga Bay Tour (5 days Ex Phuket)
beach recreation with soft adventure tours

Phuket Beach Escape
hotel resorts in Phuket

Ko Samui Beach Escape
hotel resorts in Ko Samui

Khao Soke Rain Forest Exploration (4 days)
Phuket or Surat Thani - rain forest hiking - lake trip

Whitewater Challenge & Ethnic People of Nan (4days)
Bangkok - Nan: whitewater rafting on the Nam Wa River - elephant riding - hiking - encounter ethnic people near the Thailand - Laos border

Trekking The West Forest Wilderness (4days)
Mae Sod - Umphang : rafting - trekking - camping at Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary

One Day Cycling Tour North of Chiang Mai
09.00 a.m.- 04.00 p.m., Distance : around 43 km

One Day Cycling Tour South of Chiang Mai
09.00 a.m. - 04.00 p.m., Distance : around 44 km

3 Days Leisure Cycling Around Chiang Mai
Distance: 50 + 30 + 60 km

The serene beauty of Ko Chang Island

Ko Chang Beach Escape
hotel resort in Ko Chang

Phi Phi Beach Escape
hotel resort in Ko Phi Phi

Krabi Beach Escape
hotel resort in Krabi

The trip for visitors specially interested in experiencing traditional village life and interacting with local people. Find visitors' reflections and pictures related. Click!
young Karen ethnic people
hiking Doi Inthanon Mountain
birding activity
visitors-visited interaction
cross cultural exchange & friendship
rafting the tropical forest

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